Thinking of Selling Your Property?

Selling a Property - Preparation

London Estate Agents Exterior


The first thing a prospective buyer will see is the exterior of your property. The sight of peeling paintwork and unkept dustbins are definite deterrents. Hedges & lawns should be trimmed and looking fresh. Make sure your home is appealing and tidy for maximum curbside appeal. Some buyers will see past most cosmetic work, however for the majority first impressions really do count when it comes to choosing a new home.

London Estate Agents Entrance


After your exterior has been inspected the next thing that will appeal to the buyer would be the entrance to their next possible home. Ensure your front door is well kept, using a neutral colour, an elegant fitting is always more welcoming. Make sure you don’t leave any mail or leaflets by the door; and try to keep the area free of any unnecessary items. Shoes & other outdoor wear should be put neatly on to a shoe rack and not left scattered everywhere.

London Estate Agents Space

Living Space

Although not the most important part, your interior should be in line with what the buyer has seen while entering your home. Make sure your rooms are clutter free; add some minor touches i.e. flowers or scented fragrances. Any potential buyer will want to see the living area at its best; this can easily be created by ensuring there is plenty of natural light. Simply by opening blinds & curtains you will give a much better impression of what living in the property could feel like.

London Estate Agents Animals


Some people are frightened by over-exuberant cats and dogs. Keep them out of the way until they can be properly introduced. Some buyers may be fine with pets but others will be concerned with whether or not the pets are or have been house trained since living at the property. Be aware that animal smells may hang around longer than the buyers! Plenty of fresh air through the property by opening windows frequently will always help.

London Estate Agents Honesty


Remember, buyers do sometimes ask questions when viewing a property. If asked a direct question about the property, noise, traffic, and neighbor’s, etc, be honest as buyers may find out and will not be impressed, this could also put them off. Being honest could make all the difference to any new buyers lives should they purchase your property in the end.

London Estate Agents Marketing

Selling your Home?

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Selling your Home - The Process

London Estate Agents Valuation


One of our experienced sales consultant’s will provide you with an honest valuation, based not only on an in depth knowledge of the area, but also utilizing our extensive database of properties recently sold.

London Estate Agents Instructions


Once a value has been established and we have received your instructions to market the property, we will begin to draw up all the necessary details which will include full digital photography, floors plans and in some cases virtual tours.

London Estate Agents Marketing


City and Urban International use a range of marketing tools to ensure that each property sold through them receives the highest visibility possible, this includes full colour photography, floor plans and in some cases 360 degrees virtual tours as well as utilizing the services of high exposure external property websites such as,, &

London Estate Agents Buyer

The Right Buyers

A member of our sales team will source the right buyer/s for your property using our extensive database of vetted applicants. Our careful registration process ensures that we get the right candidates through your door.

London Estate Agents Viewings


All viewings are accompanied and carried out six days a week between the hours of 8:30am and 7:30pm by a member of our sales team.

London Estate Agents Receiving

Receiving an Offer

When an offer is made on your property, we will report it and provide you with accurate information concerning the status of the buyer so that you are able to make a decision.

London Estate Agents Offer

Accepting an Offer

Once a price has been agreed and the offer formally accepted, sales memorandums will be sent out to all parties concerned i.e. buyer and seller details along with their solicitors.

London Estate Agents Legal


When memorandums have been received by solicitors they will begin the legal process, which will include drafting contracts, searches, surveys, written mortgage offers etc.

London Estate Agents Exchange

Exchange Contracts

Once the legal process is complete and both the buyer and sellers solicitors are satisfied to proceed the buyer will deposit the required funds with their solicitor, set a completion date agreed with the seller and exchange contracts.

London Estate Agents Completion


On the day of completion the remainder of the funds will be transferred into the sellers solicitors account and completion will take place. At this point the property now legally belongs to the new owners and you are required to hand over keys.

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