Should you sell before Brexit? Homes Under the Hammer’s Lucy Alexander says this

Written by : News | Wed 06th Feb 2019

Brexit is causing financial worry across the UK. For most, our property is the biggest investment we will ever make, leaving some homeowners fretting. Will the value of your property increase or decrease after Brexit? Should you sell your home now?

Lucy told “It’s a tricky one to answer. To know that I’d have to have a crystal ball.

“I think a lot of people are getting nervous and lot of people aren’t moving.

“Thanks to Brexit there’s not a lot of property available, there’s a lot less stock out there are the moment, but I don’t think there is going to be huge amount of bargains to be had.”

Lucy revealed that when there is less property on the market it can boost the value of those for sale.

She said: “This makes the houses on the market more desirable and people are more inclined to want to spend more money because they want that particular house.

So, should you sell your home now?

Lucy said you shouldn’t wait if you have found your dream house.

“I’ve always said to people, if you find a house that you love and you get a reasonably good price for yours, you must more forward and do that,” she explained.

“You can’t wait and see how the market is going to be because then you can’t get on with your life.

“If it’s the house that you want, try and do what works for you regardless of Brexit.”

New data from Barclays Mortgages reveals that Brits are true home birds, with 83 per cent happy in their current home – yet a fickle 45 per cent would still consider moving.

TV personality and property expert, Lucy Alexander, has partnered with Barclays Mortgages to share her top tips on how parents can make the best of their current home, for when moving or upgrading simply isn’t an option.

She said: “We all have different views on what makes a good home, and one person’s dream home could be another’s idea of hell!

“It’s no surprise that children dream of a slide instead of stairs and I think we all secretly want a games room, but I’m amazed to see that so many supposedly happy homeowners would still consider moving. The grass is clearly greener and many of us are always looking for something more from our homes – whether it’s a bigger kitchen, a shorter commute or simply more outside space.”

According to latest property news the rate of transactions has spiked. 



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