House buying tips: What MUST you look for when purchasing a property? Answer REVEALED

Written by : News | Thu 07th Feb 2019

Buying a house is likely the most expensive investment a person will ever make. And, from finding the right location to choosing the style of property which suits you, there’s lots to consider. While some people may choose to completely renovate their new home, others may be seeking accommodation which is ready to move straight into. Whatever you’re looking for, in an effort to reduce the possibility of stress with your move on the property market, it may be worth thinking about some important aspects when taking a tour of a potential new home.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re looking to down-size, it’s not uncommon to have several viewings of a property before making the decision to buy it.

And, during these visits, RubberBond have suggested considering 29 different points - ranging from what the roof looks like, to the local transport links.

So, what did they suggest?

According to the roofing specialists, taking a look at potential problem areas outside of the property could be a very good idea indeed.

Looking at the age of a roof, for instance, as well as whether it’s flat or pictured, and has any missing tiles, could mean you avoid buying a house which is home to a whole host of problems.

Similarly, while browsing the home, take a look at whether the windows are hosting any problems.


  • Roof – Age / Flat or Pitched / Missing Tiles
  • Windows – Double Glazing / Frame Cracks / Condensation
  • Orientation – Which way does the house face?
  • Cracks – Bricks / Plaster / Wood
  • Extensions – Is there any room for developments?
  • Parking – Garage / Drive / Road Side
  • Weeds – In particular, Japanese Knot Weed

Once you’ve stepped inside the property, it’s good to take a closer look at certain aspects of the home, too.

Taking a look at the attic, and whether it could be altered, may mean you discover storage space - or perhaps even the opportunity to extend.

And, seeing what the phone service is like before you buy, may be beneficial.


  • Attic – Access / Space / Could it be improved?
  • Power Points – Where are they situated? What condition are they in?
  • Cracks – Plaster
  • Damp
  • Phone Service
  • Safety – What are the Locks like on the Doors and Windows?
  • Floors – Any unusual dips or sagging, especially in the bathroom
  • What’s Included – Fridge / Washing Machine
  • Plumbing – Are the pipes insulated?
  • Storage Space
  • Room Size – Are they big enough and is there room to grow?

Location will likely pay a big part of whether you make a purchase, for many people.

Not only should you check what the local amenities are like, but considering whether you’re likely to be disturbed by passers-by late at night - or even aeroplanes overhead - comes recommended.

Surrounding Area

  • Are you under a flight path?
  • Dilapidated Buildings nearby?
  • Is there a local Dump?
  • Crime Rates
  • Is there a reputable school nearby?
  • Is there local transport nearby?
  • Trees – Could they block sunlight or views?
  • Shops in walking distance
  • Building work / scaffolding
  • Pubs / takeaways / bars nearby



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