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The pioneers of affordable housing

Written by : News | Tue 14th May 2019

THE National Housing Awards celebrate new milestones in the affordable residential housing market, championing a raft of pioneering projects in challenging economic times.

We're nearing 40 – is it too late to buy our first property?

Written by : News | Mon 13th May 2019

We thought we would never buy, but just came into some money and are wondering about a mortgage

UK commercial property capital values down 0.1 per cent in April

Written by : News | Mon 13th May 2019

Capital values across UK commercial property fell by 0.1 per cent in April 2019, according to the latest CBRE Monthly Index. This is the sixth consecutive month of negative capital value growth at the All Property level. Rental values were flat over the month.

Rent rises: Edinburgh jumps while London edges up

Written by : News | Mon 13th May 2019

London rents grew at a slower pace than the rest of the UK in April, dragging down the average despite large rises in areas such as Edinburgh and Nottingham.

Buy-to-let sellers made an average £80k profit in 2018! Time to sell up?

Written by : News | Mon 13th May 2019

If you’re an exasperated buy-to-let investor, you could be forgiven for wanting to throw the towel in. The numerous changes to the tax system, from reducing tax relief and increasing stamp duty to changing capital gains liabilities for residents-cum-landlords, have seriously damaged investor returns in recent years.

Watchdog: some solicitors are letting down homebuyers

Written by : News | Tue 30th Apr 2019

Some property lawyers are taking advantage of those looking to purchase a home, the Solicitors Regulation Authority has warned.

Renovate or relocate: should I move or improve my home?

Written by : News | Tue 30th Apr 2019

Many homeowners needing more space face a dilemma over whether they’d be better off moving or improving their existing home.

Property for sale? This is the best way to make your garden stand out to boost value

Written by : News | Sun 28th Apr 2019

PROPERTY selling can be a tricky task for homeowners, especially with the current housing market. It’s important to make sure your property stands out - and there’s one key way to add value, experts have said.

Predictions: When will the Sydney market bottom out?

Written by : News | Sun 28th Apr 2019

A lot of investors have their eyes on the Sydney property market, with any movement potentially dictating how Sydney-based investors operate. The head of research of a leading property data firm reveals what he believes is next for this ever-popular market.

House prices UK: Property market remains ‘robust’ as buyers continue to purchase homes

Written by : News | Thu 25th Apr 2019

THE TOTAL number of residential property transactions rose between February and March this year and were also increased compared to March 2018, according to the latest data from HMRC.

How better broadband is transforming rural Britain: The sleepy corners where faster internet has attracted new residents and boosted house prices

Written by : News | Sun 21st Apr 2019

Our love of online shopping has been devastating for the High Street, but its impact on the housing market is a different and much more positive story.

UK house prices rise by 1.8% in 12 months

Written by : News | Wed 17th Apr 2019

HOUSE prices grew by nearly two per cent over the past year meaning a typical three-bedroom semi now costs £303,199. Property values were up £5,300 on August 2017 after experts found price growth remained at 1.8 per cent for the third consecutive month.

The Airbnb bonanza: How quirky homes with rental potential are the new hot sellers

Written by : Admin | Sun 14th Apr 2019

Airbnb is now such a popular way of making money from your home that estate agents are selling properties based on how well they might perform on the site.

Claims of one-sided property valuations

Written by : News | Wed 10th Apr 2019

Allegations over one-sided property valuations in which the banks are undervaluing properties used in loan restructuring cases have been heard by members of the House Commerce Committee.

$50bn US property investor strikes deal to enter Europe

Written by : News | Wed 10th Apr 2019

New York-based Clarion Partners takes majority stake in European logistics specialist

The UK city that will drive returns for ZA investors

Written by : News | Wed 10th Apr 2019

Cardiff is the largest and capital city of Wales, UK.

Company targeting UAE real estate deals to list in London

Written by : News | Wed 10th Apr 2019

MENA Land will target land and existing development deals worth up to $82mln

Saudi Billionaire Alwaleed’s Kingdom to Decide on Property Spinoff in Three Months

Written by : News | Wed 10th Apr 2019

Saudi Arabian billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal’s Kingdom Holding will decide within months on how to generate money from its domestic real-estate assets.

The five property pitfalls that are most likely to scupper your house sale - and why many buyers regret compromising on location...

Written by : News | Tue 09th Apr 2019

It's easy to make mistakes when buying and selling homes, according to industry experts.

Can my brother force me to sell our late father's cottage?

Written by : News | Mon 08th Apr 2019

I want to buy my sibling out, but we can’t agree on a price and now he wants to go to court


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